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This Week in Review 43/52 :: This is What We’ve Trained For…

(This Week in Review is my NEXT attempt to squeak out at least ONE blog per week.  I WANT TO FREAKING WRITE again...It gets my heart going again. So let me try yet again.)

If there was a "Mom Boot Camp," this week would be one of the COUNTLESS scenarios we would train for.  Like, I should be the drill sargent for the next batch of women.  And HONESTLY, if this week would have happened to me a year ago, I would have lost my COOL!  But thank the SWEET LORD for my Decluttering Journey (mind & stuff alike)!

I have MASTERED the art of pulling NITS (<-- That would be LICE eggs) out of Joanna's hair.  A month ago, I bought Ruthie & Joanna Halloween costumes at Goodwill (SCORE!), proceeded to lose them (SUCK!), bought new ones, then found the old ones.  #winning  Ruthie progressed from a witch, to a mermaid, and has now landed on a SEA WITCH... aka a mermaid costume with the witch's hat.  She gets her creativity from her mother.  We are at a TIE with Joanna... it's cuteness OVERLOAD!  Pineapple OR Butterfly.  I can't handle it!

We started renovations on turning the storage area of Country Feed into the kitchen for a restaurant we are putting in, The Feed Store!  More to come on our adventures there... And we finally ended today with a sick kiddo, sweatpants & a cup of hot apple cider.  Sounds 1/2 way sublime.

Last little snipet before I breakdown the rest of the week... WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DINER FOOD?  Is it a particular dish?  Type of food?  When you walk in for dinner at a small town diner, what's some general expectations you have.... PLEASE give me your feedback in the comments...


  • Rain for Roots :: I was introduced to this from my College Gal Pals this last week.  Now, I CRANK this on all my Echos throughout the ENTIRE house as often as I can. LOVE!
  • PODCAST: Shut the Should Up :: Jenny Randle & Candyce Payne... Soooo funny & God-focused.


  • Funny… (A 32 oz Nalgene Bottle, a new brown Apple Watch band & dry shampoo... I heard a review & I'm trying to find the perfect one.)
    Jo: Echo… *she lights up* Baby Shark… (I’m still half asleep, she’s sitting on top of me)
    Echo: You have 3 items in your Amazon cart including 32oz Nalgene Bottle and Apple watch band...Would you like to proceed with your order?
    Jo: Yeah.
    Echo: Great! Expected delivery date is Monday, October 21.
    Me: *waking up slightly* Wait...what?!
  • 20 lb Hand weights…. Guys, that’s a big deal!  A month ago, 10# was insane to me.  
  • Baby Shark “Birthday Shark” turns 2 t-shirt for Joanna
  • Nix Kit (again… *eye roll*)



  • Here & Gone Mercantile - A Group of young entrepreneurs rented a space & did a VERY successful, 1-Day, 1-Stop shop of boots, clothes, antiques, coffee & BEAUTIFUL-ness.  LOVE when dream pay out like they did!
  • Heidi @ThisMotherHen - Weekly Devo BOOM!
  • A facebook marketplace post of wooden spool tops
  • And these quotes...
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