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The Feed Store FAQs

Guys...the nervous excitement about “The Feed Store” is so thick you could cut it with a knife...I haven’t bought the knife yet, but all the same.  Every one of us gets asked about the restaurant EVERY DAY, if not MULTIPLE times a day. So, in an effort to keep people in the loop, here are some FAQs about our restaurant currently…

ONE | When do you plan to open?  

Yesterday?!  Is that an option.  No...we plan to open ASAP!  We are doing most of the construction ourselves.  So, after doing most of the work then lining everything up with all the “other guys” (electrician, plumber, fire suppression guy, Pepsi guy, ice maker guy, all the other guys), then we can start cooking in the kitchen.  I PROMISE, we are just as anxious as you are. Remember, we don’t make any money until we open. Our guess-timate is February. We plan to have some soft opening for training then a BIG Grand Opening. (Stay connected on our Instagram & Facebook pages!)


TWO | What are you serving?

American Diner food...Hamburgers, cheeseburger, tenderloin sandwich, roasted chicken, club sandwiches, soups, salads, home-cooked desserts...mmm...I’m getting hungry.  I plan to put some homemade twists on them with yummy sauces or added flavors, but sticking to the comfort foods.  We plan to use locally sourced food & produce as MUCH AS POSSIBLE. We are using our Wineinger Farms beef, local pork & poultry, I have plans in the works to work with other local producers, but all in all, we are working to keep our dollars close to home.  This is the dialog I am sooo anxious to hear:

Guest: MAN!  This roasted chicken and roasted veggies are AMAZING!

Waitress: Good!  I’m so glad you like it!  You know… it’s Red Shed Poultry, you can buy over there in those freezers & the produce is from the Garden Spot!  Make sure to tell them you tried it at The Feed Store!

Items I’m most looking forward to: Steamed Artichoke app, Grown up Grilled Cheese with a bowl of tomato soup and a skillet cookie al a mode for dessert. 

Also, we do have a liquor license for beer & wine.  We plan on carrying the basics & a couple house wines.    

THREE | Who is the chef?

Um... me right now.  We are still interviewing.  (If you know anyone that wants to apply, LET ME KNOW!)  We have someone on the list, but waiting on the kitchen in order to complete the interview.  I will more than likely start the cooking, but I CANNOT DO IT ALONE!  

FOUR | What are you going to do with the girls?

I have tried not to let this question bother me… TRY is the word.  Can I just ask, if Nathan were to be taking the lead at the restaurant, would you ask HIM this questions? my soap box. The plan is, kids will be picked up/walk to the feed store. They will work on their homework/hang out in the office for about 1 hour.  I still plan to cook dinner for the family, but I don’t want my kiddos to each menu items every night, so I still plan on making them dinner. Then, Nathan will take the crew home for play, piano, bath, bedtime.  This is the plan ...things could definitely change.  


This Feed Store will be open 6 days a week, M-Sat, from 4p-9p.  

The girls are so excited for the restaurant to open.  (I have a feeling they think they may get chicken strips & french fries every night for dinner.)  Both of them have assigned themselves jobs when it opens. Ruthie has decided she wants to take people to the tables.  Tessa said she wants to bring people their food & clean the tables. It’s SO important to me that they feel a part of the business.  

The skepticism I feel across the board and/or judgement floating around I felt, on a scale of 1 to 10, hits right around a 3.  Enough that I felt I need to address the soap box in #3, but I really have been working on making sure that our family is involved in every step & knows the expectations, the sacrifices AND the rewards after everything is said & done.  My girls are used to seeing their parents work HARD, so doing this really isn’t very different than normal.  

My people-pleasing in the past has been a detriment to me on many occasions.  I’ve committed to REALLY working hard to destroy that this year. Seems kind of backwards when you’re getting ready to start a business where you’re serving people what they ordered.  People pleasing is at the detriment of one side & service is for the benefit of both. ← THAT is life giving. This is why God calls us to a life of service.  

More updates to come… I promise!  We feel so much LOVE & SUPPORT from our community.  Guys… from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

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