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My LAST First Step

Guys… I logged onto by blog this afternoon & I had 35,000 comments of JUNK.  THEN, It readily reminded me that I had not logged in since October 29, 2019 (Happy Birthday, Nathan!)  

BLOGGING [successfully] has been a dream of mine that I felt so selfish to pursue for SOOO long.  And at the beginning of every year, I say, “This will be the year that I REALLY commit to blogging!”  Then the devil jumps in and echos in my brain, “Man! That’s really selfish of you… taking away time from your family & all.  And really, who wants to hear about what you do day to day? It’s no different from anyone else…”  

Lies.  Lies after lies that I have come to realize were limiting beliefs that held me back.  God called me to love Him & love those He also dearly loves. I do that the best I know how through service & encouragement.  AND lots of that encouragement came in the beginning through writing...first through the family Christmas letter, then in an online journal, then in blogging...


I had to opportunity to talk with a life coach last year.  When I chatted with her on 3 separate occasions, we discovered 3 things:

  1. I SUCK at taking care of myself.  I am of no use to others depleted, sarcastic & uninspired.  In turn, I have struggled with taking the time to hear from God, so in turn, try to take control myself & BURN OUT!
  2. God has given me a weird & unique gift of encouraging others by coming alongside people; not about being in front of or telling others it will be ok...but being hand-in-hand, step by step with others.
  3.  I am a people pleaser & I need to CUT THAT CRAP OUT!  It’s like a drug I need to DETOX from. This will be an ADDICTION, I have a feeling, I will be dealing with the rest of my life.   

We are getting ready to embark on some crazy new adventures this year as a Big “W” Wineinger family ... one that will hold lots of emotions, growth, struggle, excitement.  I’m not sure I know how to process it all, but I want to process it here. With you all, my people. I don’t know how graceful this will look, but I want to get better at it...and one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned this year is, “If the first step is hard, THEN STOP QUITTING!”  

This is me taking the LAST first step in blogging.  The LAST... 

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