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My Chickens are Freeloaders

It's as if God busted out his OTHER paint set when he crafted these beauties. They stroll across the yard with their heads held high... Flaunting their hues letting the wind catch their down and rattle their iridescent tail.  "Oh, you're looking at me?!"
Yeah, you better look that good. Because, to me you're a freeloader!! These glorious ladies are a month shy of 1 yr old (THIS IS THE POST from the day i got them!) and between the 5 of them, they have produced less them 100 eggs. Only 2... TWO! in the last 2.5 months.  Not cool.

Freeloaders! Four of these beauties are Blue Laced Red Wyandottes.  One is an Ameraucana aka an Easter Egger. Yes, we understand that there are MANY ways to sustain their egg production through the winter with lights & other amenities.  We ALSO know that these breeds are not conducive to the "Egg-a-day" breed.  (If you are looking for info like that THIS BOOK even for adults is a good place to start!)  I solely bought these chickens for their beauty & that they are.

This coming week, these ladies will be finding a new home.  I'll hate to see them go, but we will be much happier when they're gone.  Also, with our new restaurant schedule that will start soon, we just want to cut down on what we give our energy to & because they are literally turning our $$ into chicken poo and not eggs, it was an easy decision.


So farewell sweet ladies.  GOOD RIDDANCE! (I may cry they day after they prepared.)  This chicken math is going in the WRONG direction!

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