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    Wineinger Family Mission Statement

    A business has a mission statement.  An nonprofit has a mission statement.  Why shouldn't a FAMILY have a mission statement.

    About 2 years ago, I was introduced to the idea of affirmations.  These are statements SPOKEN audibly to solidify truths in mine/ my girls' lives.  Here are the previous posts on the girls' affirmations & my personal affirmations.  The power of spoken word is EXPONENTIAL... but that's another post for another day.

    Shortly after the girls and I created our affirmations, I felt VERY convicted to create a WINEINGER FAMILY MISSION STATEMENT.  Here is ours...

    "In our family, we love God & love each other.
    We are thinkers, dreamers, doers, & go-getters.
    We pray instead of worry.
    We are grateful instead of entitled. 
    We know for certain that God created each one of us, 
    Dad, Mom, Ruthie, Tessa & Joanna,
    specifically for this family to work together to follow His plan. 
    Even if it's scary or unclear, we will spur each other on;
    We collaborate and encourage each other. 
    We have fun together, we work together, we hug each other, 
    and most importantly, we protect each other. 
    We remember that whatever we do,
    we are demonstrators of Jesus Christ.
    We take God's call to live missionally very seriously and work to do that every day, because each person is loved by God.  Thank you Lord for our family."

    Wineinger Farms Mission Statement

    WHY did we do this?

    A thriving business will always refer back to their mission statement whenever there is a question of, "Should we collaberate with this company?" or "Would adding this to our business benefit us?"  When a business is growing & developing and questions direction for their company, they choose what most aligns with the mission of the company.  THAT mentality is EXACTLY how I want us to understand and make decisions in our family.

    It creates a VISUAL standard for our home.  When it comes to discipline, I want to be able to hold up a Bible and point to this picture on the wall and ask, "Did what you just do align with what you know as truth?"  When I make a decision and my daughter looks at me and says, "WHY?!" in the most exasperated voice [I can hear it already!] I can say THIS IS WHY!  It is written very plainly in scripture and in our mission & goal as a family.  That's why!


    HOW did we write this? 

    We worked to cover 3 main components:

    1. Who are we?
    2. What's our purpose?
    3. How are we going to find & fulfill that purpose?

    I asked Nathan if there was anything he specifically wanted in the statement.  His response: We are hard workers & we are entitled to NOTHING.  We look out for our family and we are to live missionally.  And I wanted to make sure it included TRUTHS, so they could never question WHY God created them & WHO they belong to.  When we were done putting it together, I asked the girls if there was anything they wanted to, remember they are young, but I wanted them to feel included in the process.

    They took it as serious as a 7 & 5 year old could [they asked if we could include something about ice cream], but whenever we sit at the dinner table, one of them is staring at the words.  They love seeing THEIR name on it.  The other night Tessa counted 9 of her sight words on it.  🙂  Whatever!  Don't care.... they're looking at it!

    If you're reading this & this is something you would like to do for your family DO IT!  Steal this one!  Word for word...If it benefits your family, take it.  Google... pinterest.... there's MANY examples out there.  If I can help, I'm there.  This was sooo FREE-ing for us as's no longer about a list of Do's & Don'ts.  It's about understand the calling God's ask us to as parents AND as kids and how we will work together as the Wineingers to DO IT!

    Making the Print:

    • I made the print in Adobe Photoshop & exported it as a PDF.  This could easily be done in Microsoft Word or Google Docs as well (just export to a PDF or use the Snipping tool to turn to a JPEG).
    • I sent it to a local print shop here (Pip Printing for locals), but you could also save it as JPEG & print it on a canvas at Walmart, Walgreens & any other local places that print canvas prints.
    • My frame was a clearance item from Hobby Lobby (total fluke!) But, HERE is a comparable (& cheaper) option from Amazon.

    My Chickens are Freeloaders

    It's as if God busted out his OTHER paint set when he crafted these beauties. They stroll across the yard with their heads held high... Flaunting their hues letting the wind catch their down and rattle their iridescent tail.  "Oh, you're looking at me?!"
    Yeah, you better look that good. Because, to me you're a freeloader!! These glorious ladies are a month shy of 1 yr old (THIS IS THE POST from the day i got them!) and between the 5 of them, they have produced less them 100 eggs. Only 2... TWO! in the last 2.5 months.  Not cool.

    Freeloaders! Four of these beauties are Blue Laced Red Wyandottes.  One is an Ameraucana aka an Easter Egger. Yes, we understand that there are MANY ways to sustain their egg production through the winter with lights & other amenities.  We ALSO know that these breeds are not conducive to the "Egg-a-day" breed.  (If you are looking for info like that THIS BOOK even for adults is a good place to start!)  I solely bought these chickens for their beauty & that they are.

    This coming week, these ladies will be finding a new home.  I'll hate to see them go, but we will be much happier when they're gone.  Also, with our new restaurant schedule that will start soon, we just want to cut down on what we give our energy to & because they are literally turning our $$ into chicken poo and not eggs, it was an easy decision.


    So farewell sweet ladies.  GOOD RIDDANCE! (I may cry they day after they prepared.)  This chicken math is going in the WRONG direction!

    The Feed Store FAQs

    Guys...the nervous excitement about “The Feed Store” is so thick you could cut it with a knife...I haven’t bought the knife yet, but all the same.  Every one of us gets asked about the restaurant EVERY DAY, if not MULTIPLE times a day. So, in an effort to keep people in the loop, here are some FAQs about our restaurant currently…

    ONE | When do you plan to open?  

    Yesterday?!  Is that an option.  No...we plan to open ASAP!  We are doing most of the construction ourselves.  So, after doing most of the work then lining everything up with all the “other guys” (electrician, plumber, fire suppression guy, Pepsi guy, ice maker guy, all the other guys), then we can start cooking in the kitchen.  I PROMISE, we are just as anxious as you are. Remember, we don’t make any money until we open. Our guess-timate is February. We plan to have some soft opening for training then a BIG Grand Opening. (Stay connected on our Instagram & Facebook pages!)


    TWO | What are you serving?

    American Diner food...Hamburgers, cheeseburger, tenderloin sandwich, roasted chicken, club sandwiches, soups, salads, home-cooked desserts...mmm...I’m getting hungry.  I plan to put some homemade twists on them with yummy sauces or added flavors, but sticking to the comfort foods.  We plan to use locally sourced food & produce as MUCH AS POSSIBLE. We are using our Wineinger Farms beef, local pork & poultry, I have plans in the works to work with other local producers, but all in all, we are working to keep our dollars close to home.  This is the dialog I am sooo anxious to hear:

    Guest: MAN!  This roasted chicken and roasted veggies are AMAZING!

    Waitress: Good!  I’m so glad you like it!  You know… it’s Red Shed Poultry, you can buy over there in those freezers & the produce is from the Garden Spot!  Make sure to tell them you tried it at The Feed Store!

    Items I’m most looking forward to: Steamed Artichoke app, Grown up Grilled Cheese with a bowl of tomato soup and a skillet cookie al a mode for dessert. 

    Also, we do have a liquor license for beer & wine.  We plan on carrying the basics & a couple house wines.    

    THREE | Who is the chef?

    Um... me right now.  We are still interviewing.  (If you know anyone that wants to apply, LET ME KNOW!)  We have someone on the list, but waiting on the kitchen in order to complete the interview.  I will more than likely start the cooking, but I CANNOT DO IT ALONE!  

    FOUR | What are you going to do with the girls?

    I have tried not to let this question bother me… TRY is the word.  Can I just ask, if Nathan were to be taking the lead at the restaurant, would you ask HIM this questions? my soap box. The plan is, kids will be picked up/walk to the feed store. They will work on their homework/hang out in the office for about 1 hour.  I still plan to cook dinner for the family, but I don’t want my kiddos to each menu items every night, so I still plan on making them dinner. Then, Nathan will take the crew home for play, piano, bath, bedtime.  This is the plan ...things could definitely change.  


    This Feed Store will be open 6 days a week, M-Sat, from 4p-9p.  

    The girls are so excited for the restaurant to open.  (I have a feeling they think they may get chicken strips & french fries every night for dinner.)  Both of them have assigned themselves jobs when it opens. Ruthie has decided she wants to take people to the tables.  Tessa said she wants to bring people their food & clean the tables. It’s SO important to me that they feel a part of the business.  

    The skepticism I feel across the board and/or judgement floating around I felt, on a scale of 1 to 10, hits right around a 3.  Enough that I felt I need to address the soap box in #3, but I really have been working on making sure that our family is involved in every step & knows the expectations, the sacrifices AND the rewards after everything is said & done.  My girls are used to seeing their parents work HARD, so doing this really isn’t very different than normal.  

    My people-pleasing in the past has been a detriment to me on many occasions.  I’ve committed to REALLY working hard to destroy that this year. Seems kind of backwards when you’re getting ready to start a business where you’re serving people what they ordered.  People pleasing is at the detriment of one side & service is for the benefit of both. ← THAT is life giving. This is why God calls us to a life of service.  

    More updates to come… I promise!  We feel so much LOVE & SUPPORT from our community.  Guys… from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


    My LAST First Step

    Guys… I logged onto by blog this afternoon & I had 35,000 comments of JUNK.  THEN, It readily reminded me that I had not logged in since October 29, 2019 (Happy Birthday, Nathan!)  

    BLOGGING [successfully] has been a dream of mine that I felt so selfish to pursue for SOOO long.  And at the beginning of every year, I say, “This will be the year that I REALLY commit to blogging!”  Then the devil jumps in and echos in my brain, “Man! That’s really selfish of you… taking away time from your family & all.  And really, who wants to hear about what you do day to day? It’s no different from anyone else…”  

    Lies.  Lies after lies that I have come to realize were limiting beliefs that held me back.  God called me to love Him & love those He also dearly loves. I do that the best I know how through service & encouragement.  AND lots of that encouragement came in the beginning through writing...first through the family Christmas letter, then in an online journal, then in blogging...


    I had to opportunity to talk with a life coach last year.  When I chatted with her on 3 separate occasions, we discovered 3 things:

    1. I SUCK at taking care of myself.  I am of no use to others depleted, sarcastic & uninspired.  In turn, I have struggled with taking the time to hear from God, so in turn, try to take control myself & BURN OUT!
    2. God has given me a weird & unique gift of encouraging others by coming alongside people; not about being in front of or telling others it will be ok...but being hand-in-hand, step by step with others.
    3.  I am a people pleaser & I need to CUT THAT CRAP OUT!  It’s like a drug I need to DETOX from. This will be an ADDICTION, I have a feeling, I will be dealing with the rest of my life.   

    We are getting ready to embark on some crazy new adventures this year as a Big “W” Wineinger family ... one that will hold lots of emotions, growth, struggle, excitement.  I’m not sure I know how to process it all, but I want to process it here. With you all, my people. I don’t know how graceful this will look, but I want to get better at it...and one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned this year is, “If the first step is hard, THEN STOP QUITTING!”  

    This is me taking the LAST first step in blogging.  The LAST... 


    This Week in Review 43/52 :: This is What We’ve Trained For…

    (This Week in Review is my NEXT attempt to squeak out at least ONE blog per week.  I WANT TO FREAKING WRITE again...It gets my heart going again. So let me try yet again.)

    If there was a "Mom Boot Camp," this week would be one of the COUNTLESS scenarios we would train for.  Like, I should be the drill sargent for the next batch of women.  And HONESTLY, if this week would have happened to me a year ago, I would have lost my COOL!  But thank the SWEET LORD for my Decluttering Journey (mind & stuff alike)!

    I have MASTERED the art of pulling NITS (<-- That would be LICE eggs) out of Joanna's hair.  A month ago, I bought Ruthie & Joanna Halloween costumes at Goodwill (SCORE!), proceeded to lose them (SUCK!), bought new ones, then found the old ones.  #winning  Ruthie progressed from a witch, to a mermaid, and has now landed on a SEA WITCH... aka a mermaid costume with the witch's hat.  She gets her creativity from her mother.  We are at a TIE with Joanna... it's cuteness OVERLOAD!  Pineapple OR Butterfly.  I can't handle it!

    We started renovations on turning the storage area of Country Feed into the kitchen for a restaurant we are putting in, The Feed Store!  More to come on our adventures there... And we finally ended today with a sick kiddo, sweatpants & a cup of hot apple cider.  Sounds 1/2 way sublime.

    Last little snipet before I breakdown the rest of the week... WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DINER FOOD?  Is it a particular dish?  Type of food?  When you walk in for dinner at a small town diner, what's some general expectations you have.... PLEASE give me your feedback in the comments...


    • Rain for Roots :: I was introduced to this from my College Gal Pals this last week.  Now, I CRANK this on all my Echos throughout the ENTIRE house as often as I can. LOVE!
    • PODCAST: Shut the Should Up :: Jenny Randle & Candyce Payne... Soooo funny & God-focused.


    • Funny… (A 32 oz Nalgene Bottle, a new brown Apple Watch band & dry shampoo... I heard a review & I'm trying to find the perfect one.)
      Jo: Echo… *she lights up* Baby Shark… (I’m still half asleep, she’s sitting on top of me)
      Echo: You have 3 items in your Amazon cart including 32oz Nalgene Bottle and Apple watch band...Would you like to proceed with your order?
      Jo: Yeah.
      Echo: Great! Expected delivery date is Monday, October 21.
      Me: *waking up slightly* Wait...what?!
    • 20 lb Hand weights…. Guys, that’s a big deal!  A month ago, 10# was insane to me.  
    • Baby Shark “Birthday Shark” turns 2 t-shirt for Joanna
    • Nix Kit (again… *eye roll*)



    • Here & Gone Mercantile - A Group of young entrepreneurs rented a space & did a VERY successful, 1-Day, 1-Stop shop of boots, clothes, antiques, coffee & BEAUTIFUL-ness.  LOVE when dream pay out like they did!
    • Heidi @ThisMotherHen - Weekly Devo BOOM!
    • A facebook marketplace post of wooden spool tops
    • And these quotes...

    016 :: 33 THINGS I’VE LEARNED

    1. Don’t just find time for yourself; MAKE TIME for yourself.
    2. Even if your husband NEVER watched Saved by the Bell, your marriage WILL BE OK!
    3. Choose to be a PRESENT mom over being the PERFECT mom.
    4. Sometimes GRACE comes in the shape of a cup of coffee, paper plates, a ROKU stick, or couch snuggles.
    5. Google LESS; Pray MORE!
    6. Chocolate chip cookies taste better with butter flavored Crisco.
    7. Spinach hides best in smoothies with chocolate OR blueberries.
    8. God would rather us HASH crap out with Him, than ignore Him completely.
    9. You discover the heath of a chicken by it’s poop…there’s so many metaphors here, I’ll just let your brain come up with it’s own.
    10. Stop reading the Bible though a LIBERAL lens or a CONSERVATIVE lens; the Bible does not fit into those world views. Live the way the BIBLE says we should go and that will be FAR different from either.  We are called to life a life Holy/set apart…Study biblical justice!  Your spirit will BURST! (Thank you, Tim Keller!)
    1. Noise cancelling headphones. Get a pair.
    2. Cereal is not just a breakfast food…. even after college.
    3. Satan is a hunter… a hunter works to separate its prey from the pack to make them vulnerable & an easy target. STAY CONNECTED!
    4. Taking care of yourself is NOT selfish. Ask me about the Oxygen-Masks-on-an Airplane analogy.  That’s what made it click for me!
    5. Teach your children in the ways they should go, and then go with them…in a non-hovering parent sort of way.
    6. You should be serving with what’s OVERFLOWING from your cup, not from what’s inside.
    7. To get blood out of clothes….HYDOGYEN PEROXIDE immediately!
    8. Splashing puddles can make ANYONE smile.
    9. Unmade decisions are brain clutter.
    10. “Where there is no vision, the people parish.” – Proverbs 29:18
    11. The difference between a bull & a steer is just a couple nuts.
    1. If you put the cream & sugar in first, then you don’t have to wash a spoon.
    2. Judgments of someone or something reveals MY open wounds & heart issues.
    3. White is the easiest nail polish color…it goes with EVERYTHING!
    4. You don’t need a PHD to Encourage/Serve/Pray. God seeks the willing; not the qualified.
    5. Chalkboard paint IS cool. I don’t care who you are.
    6. Coffee & Quiet is GOLD to a mama.
    7. Just because I don’t wear a wedding band, doesn’t mean I am not sickeningly happy in my marriage… I means, I don’t want to rip my finger off. Big difference.
    1. God can’t fill clenched fists.
    2. What I do teaches a FAR greater lesson, that what I say.
    3. Cotton candy is my love language…besides Quality Time.
    4. Let yourself DREAM! How else will you create GOALS to work toward?
    5. Put your phone down & actually TOUCH someone…a handshake, a hug, baby snuggles… EVERYONE (except Sheldon Cooper) needs physical connection. It’s good for the soul.

    Here's to another FULL year ahead.

    015 :: 10 Things I want my Daughters to NEVER Forget

    With each of my daughters I started a journal.  I'd write in it while I was pregnant.  It holds everything from funny dreams & cravings I had to prayers that I would pray over my belly at night.

    As the girls grow, my entries have become more spread out, but last night I was taking some time to write, "...these are some Important things to NEVER Forget."

    To my girls: 

    To put into words ALL the things a mother feels about her children is IMPOSSIBLE.  You little women have shown me God's character, God's strength, God's compassion, God's mercy... His humor.  His faithfulness, above all... that is what I cling to.  The fear that surrounds me is CRIPPLING, but the faith that I have in God and his plan for YOU is my FUEL!  You each are completely different, yet the MASSIVE amount of love I have for each of you is EQUALLY infinite.  Take these next 10 things as guidance, but NEVER stop learning on your own.  


    1. You can do ANYTHING, BUT don’t do EVERYTHING!
    2. Speaking truth is the right thing, but speaking truth in LOVE is the best thing.
    3. Not everyone is your friend, but they are all God’s children; don’t treat them as any less.
    4. When someone is judgmental of someone or something, it reveals an open wound or insecurity of her own.  
    5. Your time is one of the BIGGEST gifts you can give someone.  
    6. Your Daddy was loved you deeper & longer than any man every will.
    7. Your point of view is VALUABLE to the world.
    8. The first thing you EVER taught someone was how to be strong, brave & BEAUTIFUL -- and that was me.
    9. Nothing will make me love you more & nothing will make me love you less.
    10. Spend your life loving others; not looking for love.
    Photo Cred: <a href="">Photos by Jill</a>
    Photo Cred: Photos by Jill

    God called me to raise girls; I see that as a HUGE privilege, but I also believed He chose me because it would require complete reliance on Him to do so.  He hand picked me to be the keeper of Ruthie, Tessa & Joanna.  Humbling.  Thank you, Jesus.

    014 :: Spring Break Highlights + I Need Your Advice…

    Man, I missed writing last week.  PRAISE GOD, the Wineingers survived Spring Break 2019!  I had a mental breakdown Thursday night, and poor Nathan got to hear my blubbery mess...but I picked myself back up & we’re back at it this week.  


    Our chickens got moved in!  For not liking chickens much, Nathan build QUITE the coop!  It’s about 90% complete. All that’s left is a door out of the nesting area & chicken wire on the exterior sides.  


    I SUCCESSFULLY swept every day.  *I hope you hear my sarcasm there.*  One day did not go by that I didn’t step on a goldfish.  LOVE...not. Ruthie got a chance to get away & spend the night at Gigi’s house, so Tessa, Jo & I got a walk in and some yard work done.  Although COMPLETELY self diagnosed, I fully believe I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) because winters are HARD on my spirit. So, this walk was HUGE!  

    I was determined not to spend any money, so we went to the playground a few times & rented books and movies from the library.


    I ended the week at an event in Springfield BY MYSELF (I was pumped!), but then left early because I made myself sick out of sheer exhaustion…I think...again, self diagnosed.


    CONCLUSION: The girls had a BLAST! Gotta love FREE entertainment.  I SUCK at Self-Care.


    Saturday is CHICK DAY!  At the store, we will have pretty close to 1100 chicks.  We’ve already sold quite a few with special orders that have come in.  The weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL! That’s SUPER beneficial for chick snowed last year on Chick Day & we still had 400ish birds left over.  



    You know when Jesus is trying to tell you something & it gets ANNOYINGLY obvious that He’s trying to tell you, and you HEAR it, but you’re clueless about what to do?!  That’s me RIGHT NOW with SELF CARE! Guys...I’m riding the STRUGGLE BUS….in fact I may be driving it, because I KNOW that I need to stop & take time for myself, but I am so CONVINCED that it’s selfish & I'm taking time away from my family’s needs. I promise you, that I know that the devil is weaving those lies in my head, but I think I don’t BOLT the other direction, because I don’t know what the other direction is!!  

    What does self care look like for you?
    What do you do (I don’t care what stage of life you’re in) to revamp & refuel & take some much needed ME time?


    Thank you in advance, sweet friend, for your advice.

    a Mama running on baby smile

    013 :: Friday on the Farm- This is Us

    For the month of March, I have been running my first ONLINE marketing campaign for the store on our Country Feed Facebook Page, and I think it’s done fairly well!  According to our insights, we’ve had GREAT interaction & honestly, it’s just been fun to feature my peeps at the store! BASICALLY, it was created to show gratitude BACK to our customers, because in actuality, THEY are OUR Country Feed Family!  *see what I did there?*

    It’s called “Your Country Feed Family.”  This last week, we featured YOURS TRULY (can I just tell you how HARD it was to sit on these FANTASTIC pictures and not share them until this week?!?!!?), so we did an intro at the beginning of the week of Nathan & me and the girls.  NOW, today we are answering a few questions that I asked Jessica & Ellie, our other employees, but I’m posting the answers here. When 2 people are answering the questions, it seemed a little lengthy for a FB post.  

    *The ABOVE photo accurately describes the situation MOST of the time...Nathan is our calm.  Who's surprised?*


    L:  Ok, so we need to answer those questions today for the Facebook Page post…

    N: What questions?

    L: For the Country Feed Family post!  We did the into, so now it’s time for the “Get to know you" questions…

    N:  Hmmm

    L: Ok… If money were not option, where would you fly right now?

    N: ….

    L: Here’s where you tell me the answer…

    N: I know, I’m thinking….Probably somewhere in the Rockies.  

    L: Ok. What book are you reading right now?

    N: What are books?

    L: Alrighty then...   (Side note: To give him credit, he’s online ALL THE TIME researching & learning about LOTS of things...just not in book form.) What animals do you have?

    N: A dog.  (Wow my man of many words.)

    L: Yes...ok.  What is your favorite product at Country Feed?

    N: (Fastest response yet) The Fly Control Protein tubs...I can see a HUGE difference when I got into other herds compared to mine.  

    L:  Ok. Thanks… that all.

    N:  Hmmm.

    Connect with Nathan on IG: @nathanwineinger



    1. I’ve lately had a HUGE desire to go to Japan.  I’m a traveler...I’d consider it a hobby.
    2. I’m currently reading/listening to You are a Bada** ...I promise, once you get past the title, it’s REALLY good.  Sometimes, I just need someone to tell me I’m capable.
    3. Nathan would be correct.  We have our dog, Moose, a very large yellow lab. AND we currently have 5 chickens...but of course that’s about to change because CHICK DAY!
    4. This forgetful mama is SO thankful for our FROZEN MEAT that we carry!  Beef, pork & chicken! I resort to frozen pizza or mac & cheese before I drive all the way to Peoria if I forget meat.  

    Connect with me on IG: @thewineingerfarms


    I'd love to get to a point where we can do a Q&A and answer more questions about what we do and who we are.  COMMENT with questions & we'd be happy to fumble through answers for you. 🙂

    HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!  Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

    If you're not already... CONNECT with US!

    Lindsay's at IG @thewineingerfarms

    Nathan's at IG @nathanwineinger

    Country Feed's IG @countryfeedprinceville


    Man, the first day of Spring, for us, brings on slight panic.  Not sure about anyone else... We have so much to do before we jump into full seasons!  Around the farm, each element requires SOMETHING!


    With the cows being at two different spots, tasks are semi spread out, but these lovely ladies & babies are the biggest task.  Makes sense… they’re pretty LARGE!  Here’s what we/the boys have to do:

    • Finish the Confinement Building at the Big “W” Wineingers feed lot.
    • Repair fences around our summer pastures. We lease a couple extra pastures for the summer.
    • Wait for a few more calves to drop (be born).  We don’t normally spring calf, but we gave it a whirl this year.


    All the beehives died.  BUMMER, right?!  Nathan put our order in with the packages being distributed at the feed store mid-April.  I believe we have 8 packs coming, so these tasks are A LITTLE more pressing:

    • Clean all the dead bees out of the hives.
    • Separate out & add two more baseboards to create 6 hives.
    • FINISH BOTTLING ALL OUR HONEY! Man…have we procrastinated! (Did  you see our bottling video?!)


    Remember how we talked about you all experiencing something for the first time WITH us?  Yeah…this is one of those things.  We have baled in the past for ourselves, but this year, we are working with a few farmers to grow and bale alfalfa to sell at the feed store.  I’m sure there’s things I’m missing here, but here’s where we are at so far:

    • Finalize farm leases.
    • Purchase the seed to plant.
    • They are currently looking around for equipment to make mass baling easier.

    I'm not going to lie...this all sounds INCREDIBLY boring to me...I'll let Nathan take this on.   You're welcome, babe.



    NOW we're talking about things I love!  Did you see the picture I posted of Tessa helping?!  O man it was soo cute.  I’m one step ahead here since I got my chickens late February, but here’s what’s left to do:

    • Coop: Finish enclosing the coop & stapling up chicken wire.
    • Move the nesting boxes from The Big "W" Wineingers to our house.
    • Figure out how to get electricity to the shed (without extension cords).


    Nathan gave me strict orders that I was not allowed to do a garden this year.  I can see where he’s coming from…my most successful season I only got green beans & zucchini even though I planted about 12 things.  I was given permission to use our cattle mineral tubs & plant a handful of things ON THE PORCH.  So, here’s the plan:

    • Get the giant red tubs from the Josh’s house.
    • Pick 5 vegetables to plant.
    • Schedule planting & prepare for fertilizing & watering.

    Any plant suggestions for a REALLY bad gardener?!!


    ANY change of season at the feed store makes for some adjusting.  In the spring, here’s our biggest tasks:

    • CHICK DAY! Usually our first weekend in April.  We order and had sell around 1,300 baby chicks.  We prep special orders, then we sell the rest on Chick Day.  We have customers that don’t have/want chickens, but they just come up to see the cute baby chickens, ducks & turkeys.
    • Still being slightly new, we aren’t quite pros at taxes yet, so I spend many a late nights behind the computer getting paperwork rounded up.
    • LOTS of seminars & events at the store. Starting next week, we have something big happening whether it be a seminar or event until the last week in April.

    Well, awesome.  After typing all of these things out, my TO-DO list has tripled!  Great…thanks.  *eye roll*  At least we’ll be outside lots.  Ok… here I go.  HAPPY SPRING!