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About Us

This is Nathan & Lindsay.  We are so grateful you stopped by the (kind of) farm.  We started this blog to follow our journey to the farm, and honestly, we have no idea where this will take us.  Here, you see us in our feed store, Country Feed & Supply. Our starting point is in a 1970s 2-story in a neighborhood, but we’ve got plans. With Faith in God’s plan, our family surrounding us, & the knowledge of the potential this could be for our family, we’d be silly not to take the journey & track it. This will keep us grateful & humble and HOPEFULLY encourage other equally overly ambitions millennial to WORK HARD to live their best life.

Follow Nathan out on the farm…planting & harvesting hay, feeding animals, tending to the bees, and being a total handsome farmer. *I’m incredibly partial.*

I, that would be Lindsay, will be the blogger. I’ve got the home base covered. My plan is to do most of the updates here & keep the comic relief coming…Their names are…


Ruthie, Tessa & Joanna…These three are our WHY. They keep Nathan & me humble, laughing, & driven. I can go on & on about these fiery ladies, but lucky for you, you’ll find out so much about them in the posts.


Wineinger Farms can not be mentioned without talking about this crew of people. Have you ever heard the saying, “…it takes a TRIBE?” Yeah…this is a BIG part of our tribe. #CURRENTLY The farm that we DO have is spread out at the homes of most of these people minus ours. AND these are the people that help us raise our children. (My side of the family is DEFINITELY a big part of that also, so I’ll introduce you to them soon!) So, next time you hear us talk about the Big “W” Wineingers, you know who we’re talking about.