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002 :: The Frozen Farm

SNOW DAY!  It was a snow day yesterday & a delayed start today.  Is it weird that as a grown person, I still get giddy?!

I was thinking through my To-Do list yesterday out loud and apparently with a bit of frustration. Nathan offered to switch spots if the opportunity arose.  As I was walking around with my coffee picking up here & there, it dawned on me...I DREAMED about days like this just a few short years ago!  The Dream: Could Nathan & I ever be at a place where I could stay at home with the kids?

The Reality: Honestly, financially, according to society, we are more strapped than before, but owning the feed store has provided SO MANY unconventional elements of the best life for our family.

After my coffee, we loaded up to run some errands....we needed milk & I wanted to go start working on photos for the blog.  I snapped some of these lovelies.


The cold did a number on our bees this year, which is out of the ordinary.  But 1 of 4 hives has survived so far! Yay!


Finally, we stuck away for a little shopping & lunch at 2 of one of my favorite local spots in a small town next to us.

I think my kiddos love cold weather, too because that means Moose, our dog, gets to come inside.  Joanna REALLY enjoyed feeding him breakfast...

Moose Joe Breakfast

Stay warm, friends!  According to good ol' Punxsutawney Phil, it should only be a matter of weeks!


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